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FACTORY NEW.357 Mag, 125 gr Flat Point (FREE SHIPPING OVER $149)

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At AGB Arms we cut costs where we can and pass those savings onto you.  For example, we ship in a small cardboard box with a stamp on it. 

FACTORY NEW .357 Mag, 125 gr Flat Point

Projectiles - 125 gr FP 

Brass - NEW-Boxer Primed, Brass

Primer- Fiocchi, CCI 500 or CCI 500 OEM

AGB Ammunition is professionally loaded with quality name brand NEW components from Sierra, Nosler, Hornady, Berrys, Hodgdon, Accurate, CCI, Winchester, Remington, Ginex, and Fiocchi which make AGB remanufactured ammounition perform just as well as factory loads.   You can't go wrong with "All Guns Blazin"